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Pola HP56 HP56a - PID thermostat with 3 set points & programmable input



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General Description

HP56, HP56a PID thermostat is a 3 set point, PID or on/off temperature control designed specifically for automatic selection of different set points.
It has 2 relay outputs and either a solid state drive or proportional 0-10Volt or 4-20mA output through HISO option.

Main Features

For the user, separate temperatures may easily be set and then selected by a separate switch.
(Set values can be secured from unauthorised tampering by closing a pair of contacts on the rear terminals enabling ‘key lock’ security)
Alternatively, an external timer could initiate the different  temperature set points automatically.
20mm display indicates temperature in C or F.
LEDs indicate condition of programme, and output relay.

Additional Features

Programmable  on/off or PID control,  Relay/Solid State Relay/ 0/10V / 4-20mA outputs.
Tamperproof locking by linking contacts at rear allows ‘key lock’ security of settings.
Temperature limits  Maximum and minimum temperature range can be set.
Self tune for optimal setting of PID parameters selectable for continuous operation.
Removable terminal strips for easy connection/disconnection
Adjustable ‘ramp rate’ to each new set point ensures smooth transition between levels.
2x auxillary relays can be used for high and/or low temperature alarms which can be set individually to either ‘track’ the set point or to have an absolute setting.
Sensor input programmable for ntc, thermocouples  J,K,R,S.T,N -250/+1700 Deg.C or F,  Pt100 -200/+550 Deg.C or F
Programmable for 1,2 or 3 set points.

Technical Specification

Power supply                                         230V +/- 10%
Mains frequency                                     50Hz +/- 20%
Power consumption                                4W
2 x SPST Output Relay:
Resistive contact rating                          3 Amp 230V - AC1
Inductive contact rating                          1 Amp 230V - AC3
1 x Solid state relay                               5 volts DC
Measuring range (ntc)                           -10.0/100.0 Deg.C
Measuring range (thermocouples)           -250/1700 Deg.C or F
Measuring range (PT100)                       -200/480 Deg.C or F
Operating temperature                          -10/70 Deg.C
Overall dimension                                  96 x 96 x 63 mm
Overall dimension (IP54 version)             98 x 125 x 75 mm