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BTC-9090 - PID temperature control with PT100 or thermocouple input. 48x48.

BTC9090 PID control

Downloadable instructions: pdf

General Description

BTC-9090 is a versatile PID control available with multi-input:

and multi-outputs options (must be specified at time of ordering):

In addition to one output from the list above the BTC-9090 has an alarm relay.

The unit can be powered by 11-26V, 20-32V or 90-264V supply. These controls have been around for many years and have a proven track record for reliability.

The BTC9090 has Fuzzy Logic, PID microprocessors and incorporate a dual 4-digit (programable to 0.1'C or 1'C) LED display which indicates the process and set-point values.

The Fuzzy Logic technology has an auto-tuning function that determines the correct proportional band, rate and reset values to enable the process to reach a predetermined set-point in the shortest time, with the minimum overshoot during power-up or external load disturbance. The output can be a 2 amp relay, a 5V or 14V solid state relay drive, 0-10V or 4-20mA output.

Manual control of the output is also possible. Offset and shift functions allow process values to be readily corrected when there is a sensor error and on-site recalibrations are required.

All BTC models have programmable rate of temperature rise and an inbuilt timer that will bring a process up to temperature at a set rate and hold it for a predetermined time before switching off.  

BTC-9090 temperature controls specifications:         

Selectable Input.   J,K,T,E,B,R,S,N,Pt100
Range       User configurable.   
Cold Junction Comp. 0. 1'C per 'C ambient typical
Sensor Break Protection Protection mode configurable
External Resistance 100 ohms maximum
Sample Rate   3 times per second
Proportional Band 0-2000C
Rest (Integral)  0-3600 seconds
Rate (Derivative) 0-1000 seconds
Ramp Rate 0-200'C per minute
Dwell/Soak time 0-3600 minutes
On/off    With adjustable hysteresis (0-20% of SPAN)
Cycle Time 0-120 seconds
Control Action Direct (for cooling) and reverse (for heating)
Process Display 0.4" red LED, 4 digits
Setpoint Display 0.3” green LED, 4 digits, Control-green LED, Alarm-red LED

11-26VAC/VDC, 20-32VAC/VDC or 90-264V AC 50/60Hz,  Consumption -

Less than 5VA

Outputs relays 2 Amps 230 Volts

*Prices exclude vat and delivery