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We are main UK agents for Pola climate controls. We stock and sell most of their range and we understand how they work and where they are used. We don’t just sell numbers.

Pola HP range

(Also available are Pola CLT, HC, HD, HX, X and XP ranges for complete climatic management systems such as Pola Xfarm, Xlog and Pola Xchrono.)

Pola specialize in great quality, simple, large display temperature and humidity controls such as the ever popular HP11, HP12, HP15, HP17, HP54, etc.
Their secret is the simplicity of design and user programming. Products like the HP23, HP46, HP55 are examples of powerful controls that have simple user functions limited to 2 pages of instructions.

Pola also make custom controls for particular industries such as:

If you would like to talk about the development of a bespoke control for your application please call us.

Pola also make humidity controls like the HP14, HP27, combined temperature and humidity controls like the HP57 and the unique HP46 incubator control. These again are simple to use and highly reliable.
HP19 is a new programmable timer suitable for many applications, offering 4 time settings that are remotely selectable.
We understand all the Pola products and can help you select the best one for your application.

Please call us to discuss your application.

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Other Pola controls that are available at request, (please contact us for price):