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Beta RC31 - Digital thermostat, 1 relay with remote set back function (by digital input), wall or panel mounted, -50/110 or 0/300 Deg.C.

RC31 Blue Panel Mounted thermostatRC31 wall mounted thermostatBeta 1.5m ntc thermistor sensorBeta 2.0m high temperature ptc thermistor sensor

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Price ex. VAT (inc 1.5m ntc sensor)
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Beta RC31 panel mount digital thermostat
Price ex. VAT (inc 1.5m ntc sensor)
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Beta RC31 wall mounted digital thermostat

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General Description

The Beta RC31 is a digital thermostat with single set point an operating range of 50 to 300 degrees C depending on input sensor (with standard ntc sensor -50 to 110 Deg.C). With a Ptc300 sensor, the operating range is from 50 to 300 Degrees C.

The Beta RC31 has the set back (or night set back) function, allowing the set point to be changed to a second set point by a remote device such as an external timer or switch.

It may be used for heating or cooling applications.

When in cooling mode it has periodic off-cycle defrost by switching off the output at timed intervals to facilitate defrosting.
Adjustable switch differential from 0.1 degrees enables close temperature control.

Available with conventional Red or new Blue display (available at request), both are easy to read but the Blue display gives an unusual ‘warm’ glow. White and Green display coming soon....

Power supply:
Both models are available for low voltage supply from 9-24 VAC/DC or mains 230 VAC

Relay output:
Single 16 Amp SPST relay output

Available as panel mounting for fixing into a 29x71mm cutout or may be ordered with a wall box enclosure with pre-cut slot. The box enclosure is approximately 110x110x87mm (hxwxd).

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