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PT100 and PT1000 Sensors

We supply PT100 and PT1000 sensors for industrial applications made to your specification, usually within a week. Please contact us for a free quotation.

We keep stock of a few general purpose PT100 probes with 2m leads.

Some example applications:

- Industrial oven temperature sensor
- Frying range temperature sensor
- Hot cabinet temperature sensor
- Electro plating PTFE coated temperature sensor
- Spraybooth temperature sensor

Some previous examples of PT100 probes:

6x150mm PT100 probe with PTFE insulated lead6mm PT100 with terminal headL shaped 3mm PT100 fast response probeMI PT100 fabricated probe with strain reliefPT100 probe L shaped with brass fitting for frying range


The following options can be specified for PT100 and PT1000 probes (please contact us for a free quotation):

The below PT100 probes can be supplied from stock.

*Prices exclude delivery

  Model Range Price ex.VAT
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