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Filsa CD B5 (Gas + dust) - ATEX (EX) rated diaphragm/membrane level switch.

Filsa CD B5 ATEX EX rated membrane level switchFilsa CD B5 ATEX EX rated side

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General Description

The Filsa CD B5 (gas + dust) ATEX EX rated level switch for level control in bulk/grain storage bins. The CD B5 model is certificated for use in potentially explosive Dust and Gas atmospheres as well as in hybride mixtures (Dust + Gas) hazardous areas.

Please contact us for a quotation for the CD B5 ATEX (EX) rated membrane switch.

Membrane level switches

The diagram below illustrates how the Filsa CD level switch can be positioned to control a filling auger. By positioning switches at high and low limit levels the auger is switched on/off at predetermined levels.

Single switches can be used to provide a high level limiter or alarm.


Filsa CD B5 Dust ATEX WII 2G Ex ib IIC T6 1/2D Ex ta/tb IIIC T83°C
Case and cover - Aluminium
Membrane - Stainless Steel 1.4301
Operating temperature - -25 to +80C.
Actuation pressure - 150 ... 2.000 g adjustable.
Density of the product - 0.3 t/m3 ... 2.5 t/m3
Switch - Uo <30 V DC; Ii < 100 mA
Cable gland - M20x1.5
Protection - IP66

Applications include:

- Grain hopper/silo level switch

- Wood pellet hopper/silo level switch

- Grain drier level switch

- Feed bin level switch