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Beta DC32 - Digital thermostat two zone, two stage or dead band. Panel or wall mounted. 2 sensor inputs.

(Can replace the Beta GR32-3001)

Beta DC32 panel mounted 2 zone digital thermostat with alarmbxBeta DC32 backBeta 1.5m ntc thermistor sensorBeta 1.5m ntc thermistor sensor

Downloadable instructions: pdf

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Price ex. VAT (inc. 1.5m sensors)


Need a pre-cut box enclosure for surface mounting, click here.

General Description

The Beta DC32 is a 2 zone / set point thermostat having 1 or 2 sensor inputs, a digital input with 3 relay outputs.
It may be set as:-

Power supply.
Models are available for low voltage supply from 9-24 Vac/dc or mains 230 Vac.

Operating range of 50 to 150 degrees C depending on input sensor. (Selectable between 10K ntc, or Ptc)

Relay outputs
Max 12 Amp over all 3 outputs.
Ouptut 1 (K1) is a single pole output.
Output 2 (K2) is a change-over relay,

Available as panel mounting for fixing into a 29x71mm cutout or may be ordered with a wall box enclosure with pre-cut slot (15). The box enclosure is approximately 110x110x87mm (hxwxd).

Can be used to replace some models of the Beta GR32 (such as the Beta GR32-3001), but please check spec sheet.