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Beta RH31 - Humidity control/Humidistat with one set point, 4-20mA input, wall or panel mounted



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General Description

Beta RH31 is a digital humidity control with a single set point for control of humidity using an electronic humidity sensor (sold seperately) with a 2 or 3 wire, 4-20mA output. (See HR03 or other humidity sensors).

It can be used to control humidifiers and de-humidifiers etc in most environments such as offices, factory warehouses, greenhouses, grain drying, swimming pools etc.

Humidity Sensor input
Input is for 4-20mA, 2 or 3 wire electronic humidity sensors. (12vdc output)
Beta RH31 has an operating range of 15 to 90% .
With adjustable hysterisis and bright LED display, the result is a versatile humidistat

The Beta RH31 is a standard size 34 x 76mm front panel mounting unit with IP65 gasket. It may be ordered with a wall box enclosure with pre-cut slot. The box enclosure is approximately 110x110x87mm (hxwxd).

Typical applications
Greenhouse humidity control
Office humidity control
Factory humidity control
Storage humidity control
Wine cellar humidity control
Control room humidity control
Grain store/drying humidity control
Bakery humidity control

Available for 230V power supply
1x Change-over relay output, 8 Amp