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Eliwell DR4020 - Din rail mount thermostat 2 stage/ 2 set point

(Replacement for the EWDR902/T and EWDR905/T)

Eliwell DR4020 din rail two stage thermostatEliwell DR4020

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General Description

Eliwell DR4020 (Replacement for the EWDR902/T and EWDR905/T) is a din rail mounted 2 stage thermostat for controlling temperature using ntc/ptc, PT100, T/C or 4-20mA input
It may be set as:-

Sensor (Not included)
Inputs available are ptc, ntc, PT100, T/C and 4-20mA (must be specified when ordering).

Range dependant on sensor.

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Standard din rail mounted unit.

Available for 100/240V power supply
2x relay outputs, 3 Amp max