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Beta HR03 - Humidity sensor with 4-20mA output 2 wire

Beta HR03 humidity sensor

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General Description

The Beta HR03 is an electronic 4-20mA output humidity sensor, which can be wall mounted with the supplied bracket or duct mounted.

The end cap of the humidity sensor can be unscrewed and the mesh filter removed for servicing.

A 8-24VDC power supply is required, the Beta RH31 humidity control can provide this as standard.

Typical applications:
Greenhouse humidity sensing
Wine cellar humidity sensing
Control room humidity sensing
Grain store humidity sensing
Bakery humidity sensing

Technical Data
IP protection rating (of the body): IP65
Mounting: use the clip supplied together with the sensor
Electrical connections: PVC twin wire
Cable length: 1.5m
Dimensions: 185 x 20mm
Power supply: 824 Vdc
Power input: 20 mA max
Ambient temperature: -10 +70 C
Humidity measurement range: 5 95 % rh
Output current of humidity measurem.: 4 mA (0% rh) 20 mA (100% rh)
Humidity sensor type: digital
Response time in steady state: 30 seconds
Number of connection wires: 2 (brown: +V power supply , green: signal output)
Maximum load: 250 Ohm
Humidity measurement accuracy: 3% rh (2080% rh), 5% rh otherwise
Reverse polarity protection: auto protected