Pola HD range

We can supply any of the Pola HD range, please contact us to discuss requirements.:

Pola HD38 - Six stage vetilation controller with heat and alarm outputs

Pola HD38 Ventilation control

Downloadable instructions: pdf

Agricultural/horticultural 6 stage ventilation controller with heating and high/low alarm outputs.

Pola HD40

Pola HD40 Greenhouse control

Downloadable instructions: pdf

Advanced greenhouse controller for management of temperature and luminosity by controlling:

Also has high and low temperature alarm outputs.

By using the luminosity sensor there is the possibility to reduce the heating during the night phase, recording of historical data of working (recording of minimum and maximum temperatures).

Complete programme of windows opening and closing percentages and of shading of different conditions of dehumidification intervention, of rain block, left and right wind, night condition, morning opening, etc.

Waterproof keyboard with dedicated consumer keys, specific working lamps, protected programme of settings that permit a complete flexibility of working and personal belonging with the system to control.

It comes equipped with 3 temperature probes (environment, soil, limit and of a luminosity probe, that can be connected at distance (1.000 metres) with a standard two-poles wire, power supply at 230V and output contacts max 4AMP.



Pola HD97

Pola HD97 5 Zones Chronothermostat

Downloadable instructions: pdf

5 zone chronothermostat, 5 zones + pump

Pola HD98

Pola HD97 8 Zones Chronothermostat

Downloadable instructions: pdf

Chronothermostat, 8 zones + 2 pumps


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