Pola XP controller range

The Pola XP range is the latest range of multi functional 96x96mm controllers evolving from the HP range.

The large 3.5" LED backlight display provides the user with key information. A large range of input/output options make the XP range a powerful range of controllers.

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Popular products, please click to view brochures:


XP38 5 stage ventilation controller - Brochure


XP46 incubator controller - Brochure


XP65 5 stage ventilation controller - Brochure


XP66 0-10V ventilation controller - Brochure


XP69 lighting controller - Brochure


Other products in the Pola XP range (click link for brochure):

XP29 - Ventilation Surveyor

XP31 - Greenhouse climate control

XP38 - 5 speed steps control

XP40 - Lift system

XP46 - Egg incubation control

XP47 - Thermal chamber control

XP50 - Hopper weight control

XP51 - Brid scale

XP53 - Rabbit Scale

XP61 - Silo control

XP62 - Silos control

XP63 - Water surveyor

XP65 - 5 stage ventialtion control

XP66 - 0-10V ventilation control

XP68 - Data logger

XP69 - 0-10V dimmable light control

XP72 - Diary farm control

XP73 - Truck disinfection

XPFA - Climate control

XPFC - Natural ventilation control

XPGA - Multizone alarm

XPGH - Greenhouse control

XPSF - Pig house control

XPSG - Full pig house control

XPWF - Water flushing control

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