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Filsa AD - Stainless Steel diaphragm/membrane level switch with adjustable sensitivity. IP65 rated. High temperature up to 200 Deg.C. For industrial bulk storage level control.

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General Description

The Filsa AD level switch for industrial applications such as:

The Filsa AD is IP65 rated and has an operating temperature range -20/200 Deg.C.

An ATEX or EX rated version AD level switch is available at request.

The diagram below illustrates how the Filsa AD level switch can be positioned to control a filling auger. By positioning switches at high and low limit levels the auger is switched on/off at predetermined levels.

Membrane level switches

Single switches can be used to provide a high level limiter or alarm.

Sensitivity: 60-200g on standard (code 2212), neoprene and viton membrane versions. 100-200g on Stainless Steel membrane version (code 2212-0-742).


Case and cover - Die cast aluminium
Membrane - Standard NBR (On request Neoprene, Viton, stainless steel)
Operating temperature:-
NBR -20 to +80C
Neoprene -20 to +80C
Viton -20 to +150C
Stainless steel -20 to +200C
Actuation pressure:-
NBR 60-200 g.
Neoprene 60200 g.
Viton 60200 g.
Stainless steel 100-250 g.
Switch - Single pole, inverter micro-switch. 15 Amp. 230V a.c. Voltage free. Two switches on request
Cable gland - Threaded hole PG11 bottom
Protection - IP65