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Filsa KP - silo over pressure switch/limiter

Filsa KP silo over pressure switch

Downloadable full specification: pdf

General Description

The Filsa KP over pressure switch for bulk/grain storage bins.

This device sends a signal if overpressurization occurs. Excess pressure can develop in silos that are filled using pneumatic pressure systems.

The principle behind these devices is very simple.They use a stainless steel membrane, large enough to keep dust and dirt from obstructing it, which is sensitive to air pressure. The membrane transmits the pressure to a rod that activates a microswitch, which in turn operates the alarm systems or mechanisms that keep product from entering the silo.

The operating pressure can be set as low as 250 mm wc (0.025 bar).The factory preset is 400 mm wc (0.04 bar).Other pressures are available.

Whenever possible, these devices should be installed on the ceiling of the silo.In unusual circumstances, they can be mounted on a side wall.

It is important not to allow the incoming product stream to strike the devices membrane.

An ATEX rated version of the KP is available at request.

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