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AKO-5335 / Filsa IRP - rotating paddle level switch 230v - For level control of solids

AKO5335/Filsa IRP rotating paddle level switch

Downloadable full specification: AKO-5335 pdf Filsa IRP pdf

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General Description

The AKO-5335/Filsa IRP is a rotating paddle level switch for use in grain level control. The unit requires a 230v supply to power the rotating paddle. Once the paddle's rotation is blocked by surrounding material the switch is closed.

The diagram below illustrates how the AKO-5335/Filsa IRP rotating paddle level switch can be positioned to control a filling auger. By positioning switches at high and low limit levels the auger is switched on/off at predetermined levels.


Applications include:

- Grain hopper/silo level switch

- Wood chip hopper/silo level switch

- Wood pellet hopper/silo level switch

- Grain drier level switch

- Feed bin level switch